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Solar Photovoltaic Commercial Standard Offer Program

Oncor provides incentives to Service Providers who install solar photovoltaic systems on commercial facilities located in Oncor's service area. The incentive helps offset the initial cost of installing the system on a commercial customer’s facility that otherwise would not have been installed or would have been installed at a later date without the incentive from Oncor.The incentive is available for projects that are not larger than 150 kW DC watt of installed capacity.

Program Incentives

The Service Provider that you select will help you calculate these incentives for the system it proposes.  Each project will have unique savings and the incentive will vary. Please work with the participating Service Provider to calculate your possible incentive. The incentive will be set once the project is approved. This incentive will be provided to the Service Provider as a onetime payment. Please note that you will need to contact your retail electric provider to arrange an option to sell back excess generation.

Program Eligibility

A commercial customer’s facility must have electric delivery service provided by Oncor.

Qualifying Measures

The solar photovoltaic system must meet the following requirements:

  • The solar system must be new
  • The solar array azimuth shall be 90 to 270 degrees; the tilt angle shall be between 0 (horizontal) and latitude + 15 degrees
  • The customer must sign an Interconnection Agreement with Oncor
  • The minimum system size is 5 kW DC installed capacity
  • Projects with an installed DC watt capacity over 150 kW are not eligible
  • New commercial construction projects are not eligible

Service Providers

Service Providers undergo an application process and enter into a standard contract with Oncor. These Service Providers can be:

  • Energy Efficiency Service Providers
  • Retail Electric Providers
  • Contractors
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
  • Self Sponsors

Service Providers are required to have on staff a least one licensed Texas Electrical Contractor or Master Electrician.

Any listing of Energy Efficiency Service Providers available from this website is not associated with or endorsed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas or Oncor. Oncor is not a party to the agreement between the consumer and the Service Provider. The Service Provider is solely responsible for the performance of the work and contract fulfillment.

Selecting a Service Provider

We encourage you to use our How to Select a Service Provider guide to help you compare providers. The Service Provider will evaluate your facility to determine the size and location of the solar photovoltaic system to be installed. Some providers charge for this pre-assessment and some do not.

Each Service Provider is required to ensure all installations are completed with quality workmanship. Be sure to inspect the work before signing any final forms. You should contact your Service Provider to resolve any issues with the installation. The next step would be to utilize the complaint procedure outlined in the Consumer Disclosure and Protection form provided by the Service Provider.

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