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Oncor Efficiency FAQs

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Are there any energy-saving tips for my computer?
Are there any low-cost alternatives to installing new windows?
Can planting a tree in a certain location help with heating or cooling costs?
Can window shades or drapes affect heating and cooling costs?
How can I conserve water in my home?
How can I keep air from coming in outlets or switch plates?
How can I save energy with every day use of household items?
How can I save money on heating and cooling costs?
How can I tell if I have an air leak?
How is insulation power measured?
How much insulation do you recommend?
What are some simple ways to save on electricity costs?
What can I use as an alternative to a space heater?
What is an alternative to lowering the A/C in the summer?
What kinds of weather-strip do you recommend for doors?
What should I consider if purchasing a new door?
What should I look for if purchasing a new air conditioner unit?
What should I look for when considering new windows?
Where are some other places that often leak air?
Where can I find a list of service providers who participate in Oncor programs?
Which sides of your house are the best for protecting your home from the wind?
Who can participate in Oncor programs?
Why do I need to seal air conditioning ducts?
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