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Commercial Load Management

Program Description

Oncor pays incentives to Service Providers who work with commercial customers to achieve documented, on-peak demand reductions.

The demand reductions must be verified by Oncor in order for the incentives to be paid. We do this by reviewing data recorded by Interval Data Recorders (IDRs) and calculating the amount of demand savings achieved through the curtailment during the summer on-peak season.  The incentive is paid directly to the Service Provider.

Service Providers

Service Providers undergo an application process and enter into a standard contract with Oncor. These Service Providers can be:
  • Retail Electric Providers (REPs)
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
  • Customers

Any listing of Energy Efficiency Service Providers available from this website is not associated with or endorsed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas or Oncor.  Oncor is not a party to the agreement between the customer and the Service Provider.  The Service Provider is solely responsible for the performance of the work and contract fulfillment.

Eligibility Requirements

Commercial facilities: 

  • Must be located in Oncor's service area and serviced by an Oncor IDR or advanced meter
  • Must be able to reduce electric load (called Curtailable Load) with at least an hours notice during the on-peak demand period.

The on- peak demand period is defined as the hours between 1:00 p.m. to 7:00p.m., Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, June through September, excluding weekends and federal holidays.

Project Qualifications

  • Each project must achieve a total estimated demand savings of at least 100 kW during the on-peak demand period. 
  • A single project may involve the Service Provider identifying the total Curtailable Load at more than one customer facility. 
  • Load reductions must be verified by Oncor.
  • Each participating site must have an IDR or advanced meter.

Contact Information for Participation

Phone 1.866.728.3674


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